6/11 Application Questions

  1. How did God speak to you through His Word today?
  2. In what way are you encouraged to take one step toward Jesus? How should your life change because of what you heard, sang, or prayed?
  3. Thank God for killing sin by sacrificing His Son (8:3). Thank Him for giving His Spirit to make you holy. Ask Him to make you increasingly aware this week of the Spirit’s availability to help you resist sin (Romans, LifeChange, NavPress, 116).
  4. Use Romans 8:5-8 to explain this statement: What you are determines what you think, and what you think determines what you do.
  5. As we seek the conversion of our friends, coworkers, and family, what should we be praying for? What is the role of the Holy Spirit in conversion?
  6. Galatians 3:10-14 explains the gospel. What is God’s intended result of faith (see verse 14)? In light of this verse, what should we be asking God for?
  7. When it comes to sin, you need to understand why you did what you did. Either you sin because you aren’t a Christian, or you sin because you aren’t walking by the Spirit. With a Christian friend or your spouse, make a list of the struggles with sin that you are currently facing. Toward what is the flesh pulling you? Toward what is the Spirit guiding you? Ask God to help you focus your mind on the desires of the Spirit. Thank Him that He will help you, and act in faith (Romans, LifeChange, NavPress, 116).
  8. In what ways is God calling you to love Him with your mind? How can you use your thinking to stir up your affections for God?

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