Discipleship Discussion Questions

  1. In what way did God comfort, challenge, or correct you through His Word today?
  2. A disciple is a Christian who is learning Christ through repentance and faith. What is one way you can change, or one area of your life that needs to be transformed, so that you look more like Jesus? What is your plan?
  3. Why does Jesus, in John 8:31, make Christianity a matter of abiding in His Word?
  4. What is the most compelling reason to make disciples?
  5. Do you feel comfortable and equipped so that you are able to engage strangers and build friendships, share the gospel clearly, explain conversion, baptism, and membership, and establish a new believer in the gospel, word, and prayer? Who do you know that can equip you to do these better?
  6. Who are you currently engaging so that you can build a friendship and share the gospel? Pray for opportunities to build friendships.
  7. Who are you currently evangelizing? Pray for understanding, repentance, and faith.
  8. Who are you helping to understand conversion, baptism, and church membership?
  9. Who are you establishing in the gospel, word, and prayer?

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