Cultivating Humility

This is from John Stott, on Romans 11:25, “Lest you become wise in your own sight…”

He has already warned them against boasting (18) and arrogance (20), and now against conceit. ‘Not ignorant so that not conceited’ is the essence of what he writes, for he knows that ignorance is the cause of conceit. It is when we have false or fantasy images of ourselves that we grow proud. Conversely, knowledge is conducive to humility, for humility is honesty, not hypocrisy. The complete antidote to pride is truth. If only the Jewish and Gentile members of the church in Rome can grasp their position vis-à-vis one another in the purpose of God, they will have nothing to boast about.

Stott, John. The Message of Romans: God’s Good News for the World (The Bible Speaks Today Series) (p. 302). InterVarsity Press. Kindle Edition.

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