Philippians 2:17-18 Questions

1. When animal sacrifices were offered in the temple, wine was poured over the animal before it was burned (Exodus 29:38-41; Numbers 15:1-10).  Likewise, Paul says he is ‘poured out’ as a drink offering.  What do you think he means by making this comparison?
2.      Paul knew that death was a real possibility.  Is Paul complaining about dying?   Discuss your answer.
3.      These verses challenge us to rejoice in sacrifice.  Is your heart prepared for your life to be ‘poured out’ as an offering for others, and can you rejoice if called to do so?  Pray for one another to be joyful in sacrifice.
4.      Time and again, Paul willingly yields his will to God when faced with sacrifice.  How does this encourage you?
5.      What are some practical steps you can take to move from murmuring about making sacrifices to rejoicing as you sacrifice?
6.      Rejoicing with others is a cure for murmuring.  Consider and reflect on recent scenarios where you missed an opportunity to choose joy over complaining.  Do you foresee opportunities ahead of you?
7.      In light of these two verses, how do we see the grace of Jesus in Paul’s life?  How should we see it in ourselves?

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