Philippians 2:22-24

1.  Give some thought to what friendship means to you.  Compare your standards for friendships to God’s standards (i.e. servant’s heart v. 19; a soul-mate v.20a; selfless v.20b; sincere v.22a; spirit of a son with a father v.22b; serves together with you in the gospel v.22c).
2.    Timothy’s ‘proven character’ would have been hard to earn over a period of time in light of his sin.  How do you think Timothy ‘proved’ his character?
3.    What is Paul telling us about his friend Timothy as a ‘son with a father’?  How would you phrase that in today’s common language?
4.    As a follow up to question 3, Timothy’s father was Greek (Acts16:1).  Which type of father is Paul referring to in verse 22?
5.    Paul and Timothy ‘served’ together in the gospel.  In what ways did they serve together?
6.    Friendships seem to have different levels.  The deepest friendships, like we see here between Paul and Timothy, seem to develop when they are shared in the service of the Lord.  Why do you think this is so?
7.    Think of at least three people who are like minded in the gospel with you.  Pray for them.  Let them know how much you appreciate their examples and ministries.

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