Romans 13:8-10; Discuss

  1. Does love produce righteousness or, does righteousness produce love? Why does this distinction matter?
  2. In what ways have you been living in disobedience to God’s laws?
  3. As you seek to obey God’s laws, where is the strength to obey coming from?
  4. What problems arise when you think about the gospel as something that relates only to the beginning of the Christian life? How does the gospel work as fuel in the Christian?
  5. If a person believes that God only loves people who are worthy of love, what standard will that person use when determining who to love?
  6. Do you agree with the following statement? The law crushes the non-Christian but guides the Christian?
  7. Why does love fulfill the law?
  8. Why is coveting your neighbor’s things evidence of a lack of love?
  9. What wrong thing are you doing? How does the gospel empower you to repent?
  10. What good thing are you struggling to do? How does the gospel empower you to do good?

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