Discuss Romans 14:5-9

  1. In what way did God comfort, challenge, or correct you today?
  2. Why did Jesus die and rise again?
  3. Are there any areas of your life that you are trying to keep away from Jesus? Why are you doing that?
  4. What decisions have you made out of a desire to honor God?
  5. Two tests that help us determine the will of God are “does this glorify God?” and “can I do this thing with gratitude to God?”. Talk about a recent controversial decision in light of these two tests.
  6. Students, school is about to start. What will it look like for you to honor God and do your work as an act of gratitude to God?
  7. It is the awareness of the presence of Christ that enables gratitude in all of life. When are you most aware of the presence of Christ?
  8. How does the truth that you will be kept by Christ in life and in death help you face death without fear?

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