Get Ready for Sunday


Here are some guidelines we use to make the most out of Sundays.

  1. Make a plan. We’re working on that right now. So, good job!
  2. Be diligent and flexible with your plan. Things will get crazy and get in the way. Gracious persistence will be needed.
  3. Make the Amazon playlist for tomorrow the background music of your day. Introduce the songs. Talk about preferences. Talk about why these songs matter. We post the playlist on Facebook. Check out @MambrinoBaptist,
  4. Before bedtime do two things to ease the stress of Sunday. Plan breakfast and lay out clothes for Sunday from shoes and socks to bow-ties and hair bows.
  5. Finally, gather up to read the sermon text, sing one of the songs for Sunday, and pray for Sunday school teachers and pastors. The sermon text for 11/18 is Romans 16:17-20.

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