Discuss Acts 5:17-29

  1. In what way did God comfort, challenge, or correct you today?
  2. Moving forward, what will it look like for you to obey Jesus?
  3. Where are you tempted to be jealous of others?
  4. Have you experienced legal or physical opposition because you are following Jesus? How did you handle it? How can you get ready for more opposition in the future?
  5. Where do you see God working around you that is funny or ironic?
  6. What sins are tripping you up as you try to obey Jesus? How should repentance, obedience, and accountability look in this situation?
  7. If you are a Christian, who taught you the words of life? Pray and thank God for that person. Consider writing a note to say, “Thank you.”
  8. If you are a Christian, who are you seeking to teach so that he/she will know and follow Jesus? Pray for boldness and opportunities.
  9. What specific steps do you need to take so that you are better prepared for opposition (regular Bible reading, Scripture memory, dependent prayer, encouragement, getting better established in the faith, etc.)? Who can you ask to help you with this?

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