I Am Accepted Therefore I Obey

I made this point before we celebrated the Lord’s Supper on 10/27

This is a false gospel:

I obey, therefore I am accepted.

Looking to the crucified and resurrected Christ, the true gospel fuels this way of living:

I am accepted, therefore I obey.

As one person mentioned, “This is classic Tim Keller,” and that is exactly right. I am very much indebted to the clear gospel thinking of Tim Keller. His books, Counterfeit Gods, The Meaning of Marriage, Gospel in Life, and The Reason for God, have made a profound impact on my understanding of God and the gospel. I return at least one a year to this sermon, “Blessed Self-Forgetfulness” and try regularly to examine myself using this article, “All of Life is Repentance.”

When my heart is hard and legalistic or guilty and weighed down, I look to Tim Keller to unpack the gospel is fresh ways. I hope you see the influence.

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