Discuss Acts 9:32-43

  • In what way did God comfort, challenge, or correct you today?
  • Do you think you should be doing good works? Why? What is the gain?
  • Why is the Spirit-given ability to say “Jesus is Lord” the fundamental spiritual gift that unites us and empowers us? See 1 Corinthians 12:3.
  • In the church, we share the same confession of Jesus as Lord but we all have differing gifts. How can you use your gift to build others up and protect the unity of the church?
  • Do you like the idea of calling every believer a saint? Why is it correct to call every Christian a saint?
  • Acts 9:32-43 makes the point that Jesus is working through his people. If you belong to Jesus, how is He working through you?
  • Describe how God turned you from chasing after the world to chasing after God.
  • Who is sick and what would it look like for you to pray for him/her to be healed?
  • What do you want your neighbors to say about you when you die? How can you depend on Jesus and do good deeds?
  • What does it mean to believe in the Lord? Do you believe in the Lord?
  • What do you think about your coming death? Are you ready? How can you get ready?
  • Why would a resurrection like Tabitha’s be a good thing? Why would a resurrection like Tabitha’s be a disappointing thing?

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