Help for parents

  • Don’t be a hypocrite

Our children know better than anyone that we are not perfect. Our children feel the effects of our weaknesses and sins more than anyone. It is wrong to seek to correct our children while we ignore the sins in our selves. This is no call to perfection. Only one man is perfect and it’s not me and it’s not you. This is a call to repentance and faith. This is a call to own our sin and trust Jesus to help us turn from our sin.

Let’s get really practical. Parents, when we sin against our children, we must look them in the eye, admit that sin without excuse, and ask for forgiveness. Don’t be a hypocrite; repent and believe in Jesus then

  • Teach your children

We’re going to build here. Teach your children. This church is trying to help you teach your children who God is, but Sunday school and AWANA are side dishes. Your everyday teaching of your children is the main course. Teach your child by reading and studying the Bible with him/her.

We don’t give away Bible because we have money to waste. We give away Bibles so that parents will read and study with their children. The best approach is to start young; start reading the Bible stories with your baby every night and build from there throughout the years. The second best approach is to start where you are. Start a slow read through one of the gospels as a family. Teach your children.

  • Teach your children to hope in God

Every sin is an attempt to get hope from something other than God. We need to talk to our children about this dangerous problem. Read the rest of Psalm 78 today; it does not end well for the rebellious.

So how do we do this? How do we teach our children to hope in God? We teach our children to hope in God by learning to set our hope in God. We then teach our children what we have learned to do. Men, you were meant to be discipled by a more mature man so you can go home and disciple that less mature man. It’s obvious right? We learn to teach our children about God by learning about God. We learn to teach our children to set their hope in Jesus by setting our hope in Jesus. God’s plan is for you to be taught so that you can teach the next generation. We aren’t supposed to figure life out on our own; God has given us the church to teach us and equip us. And finally,

  • Teach your children to obey God

Accidents will happen and children must learn through trial and error. We give grace and overlook the weaknesses and mistakes of children. Rebellion however must be corrected. From the “No” screamed in the highchair to the angry slamming door, we must teach our children to obey God. Is stubbornness and rebelliousness allowed in your home? How much stubbornness and rebelliousness does God allow in his children? How much evil does God allow? And how loving and tender and sacrificial and patient is God in correcting his children? We must correct our children the way our heavenly Father corrects us.

If your child had cancer and you laughed at it and called it cute, or shrugged it off, we would know you are crazy. Why do we laugh at our children’s sin and call it cute when we know it will kill them in the end? Correct them but correction is not enough, and harsh correction is evil. Our desire is to teach our children how to pray for, seek, and pursue their happiness in Jesus and his ways.

Fathers, the charge to us is to know God, love God, and teach our children to do the same. May God make us faithful. Let us pray and commend the work to God’s grace.

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