Discuss Acts 13:1-3

  • How is the Holy Spirit leading you to be a part of making disciples and planting churches in our area and out among the nations?
  • Why does the church need prophecy and teaching?
  • What can we learn about the list of leaders in the church at Antioch?
  • Pray that Mambrino Baptist Church grows through conversions and that the church’s leaders equip the members for ministry.
  • Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ who love God and love others. How can you play a bigger part in that work?
  • Why is it important to understand that worship includes serving?
  • To worship God is to serve God; who did you serve in worship today?
  • Seeking the Lord includes fasting. How do fasting and seeking the Lord’s will go together?
  • In what ways are worship and obedience connected? How can you grow in worship? How can you grow in obedience?
  • List all the ways that that gospel calls us to gain by losing.
  • How convinced are you that God is faithful and God is enough? How can you grow more dependent on God’s grace?
  • Pray for the team from FBC Meridian as they go to Mexico. Pray for boldness, pray for opportunities to talk about Jesus, pray for conversions, and pray for healthy churches to be planted.

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