Discuss Luke 5:27-32

  1. In what way did God comfort, challenge, or correct you today? It may be through Sunday school, a Scripture reading, a song, the sermon, or talking with someone along the way.
  2. What are the necessary ingredients to a good meal with others?
  3. When are you going to have another member, couple, or family into your home for biblical fellowship?
  4. How can your dining room table become a means through which Jesus overturns the priorities of the world? Where does the world go wrong regarding food and fellowship? How will you address this?
  5. Looking at Luke 14:12-14, how can you practice this command more faithfully?
  6. How do you define fellowship? I said fellowship is sharing and sharing is caring. How can you improve on that definition?
  7. Do you tend to stress about not having enough food or do you tend to lust after fine food and drink? How does this approach to meals hurt your practice of biblical fellowship?
  8. As you seek to be more open and hospitable, how will you protect your time with Jesus (every day read and pray)?
  9. As you seek to be more open and hospitable, how will you ensure that you keep healing and repentance the priority instead of a manicured home, family, and meal?
  10. Make a list of church members, people in your neighborhood, coworkers, and classmates that you want to move from strangers to neighbors to family. Start inviting these people over on your once a month (or more) day for hospitality.
  11. If you already practice regular hospitality, does the Gospel you offer come with a house key? How can you increase your generosity? Would a different table or appliance be a help?

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