Resurrection Sunday of Passion Week

Sunday Morning- Resurrection Sunday

Sing Christ Arose

Read Matthew 28:1-10

When did Jesus rise from the grave?

What physical sign accompanied Jesus’ resurrection?

How did the soldiers respond to the angel? What did the angel say to the women?

Looking at verse 8, what emotion did the women feel when they learned of the resurrection?

When Jesus appeared to the women, what did the women do?

What should we do today?

For long years, Christians have greeted one another with the simple words, “Christ is risen!” and the response is “He is risen indeed!” Who can you call, text, or greet this morning with these words? After you sing, go and share the good news of Jesus’ resurrection.

Sing O Worship the King

Sunday Evening- Resurrection Sunday

Sing Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross

Read Matthew 28:11-20

Will everyone believe the resurrection happened, just because you tell them?

How should we respond to the claim that the disciples stole Jesus’ body?

Why do you think some of Jesus’ disciples doubted or hesitated when the resurrected Jesus showed up?

Why do you think Christians today struggle to follow Jesus, worship Jesus, and make disciples?

What does it mean that Jesus has all authority over heaven and earth? How should this fact change our doubts and struggles?

How can you and your family be more intentional about making disciples of Jesus Christ?

Where are you struggling do obey Jesus’ commands? How can your family pray for you and help you?

Looking at the end of verse 20, what is our hope in our difficulties?

Sing Facing a Task Unfinished

Saturday of Passion Week

Saturday Morning

Sing Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence

Read Matthew 27:57-66

What risk did Joseph of Arimathea take in asking for Jesus’ body?

What honor did Joseph of Arimathea show to Jesus?

Why did the Pharisees set a guard at Jesus’ tomb?

Read Mark 8:31; 9:30-32; and 10:32-34

When you think about following Jesus, what makes you afraid?

What questions do you have about Jesus’ death and burial?

Sing What Wondrous Love is This


Saturday Evening

Sing Were You There?

Read John 17:20-26

Before Jesus was crucified, who was he praying for? How does this encourage you?

What things did Jesus pray for? Spend time praying together for your church to experience these great blessings.

Looking at verse 24, what does Jesus want for us? How would you know if you want this?

How is Jesus right now making the Father’s love known to you?

Who do you know that doesn’t know God? Spend time praying together for boldness and the opportunity to talk to those people about Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Watch the video Sunday’s Coming

Friday of Passion Week

Friday Morning- Arrest and Trial

Read Matthew 26:47-56

What does it mean to betray someone and how did Judas betray Jesus?

Could Jesus have fought off his attackers? Why did Jesus not fight against his attackers?

Jesus allowed his arrest because he knew he must fulfill the Scriptures. Read Isaiah 53:4-10. How is Jesus about to fulfill this Scripture?

Read Matthew 27:11-26

Why did the people want Jesus to be crucified? See Matthew 26:63-66.

It can be surprising that the people rejected Jesus. But think about your friends at school and your neighbors, how many of them have rejected Jesus? How should you pray for them?

Sing O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus

Friday Evening- Crucifixion

Sing What Wondrous Love is This?

Read Matthew 27:27-44

What shame and humiliation did Jesus bear? What had Jesus done to deserve this?

Have you done anything to deserve this shame and humiliation?

Looking at verse 40, what was Jesus talking about when he said if they destroyed the temple, he would raise it in three days? See John 3:18-22.

Could the Father have delivered the Son? Why did the Father not deliver the Son?

Read Matthew 27:45-56

Why did Jesus feel forsaken by his Father?

What was the purpose of the curtain in the temple? Why did God and the people need to be separated?

Why did Jesus’ death tear the curtain from top to bottom?

We are told that at Jesus’ death many bodies of the saints were resurrected. What does this teach us about the power of Jesus to give us new life?

What does it mean for you to believe that Jesus is the Son of God? How does this belief change you?

Sing The Power of the Cross

Thursday of Passion Week

Thursday Morning- Maundy Thursday

Sing Nothing But the Blood

We get the word maundy from the Latin word for commandment. Let’s look for a commandment in our reading today.

Read John 13:1-20

What did Jesus do to his disciples and why was it such a surprise to them?

Do you find it easy to be served by others or is it hard for you to be served by others? Why?

How does Jesus wash a person (Read 1 Corinthians 6:9-11)?

Read John 13:14-15 again. What command does Jesus give to us?

Each of you make a list with one practical way you can serve your family, your church, and your neighbors today.

Sing the Servant Song

Thursday Evening

How did it go serving your family, church, and neighbors today? How can you continue to serve others like Christ?

Read John 17:1-19

Looking at verse 3, what is eternal life?

How does this compare with John 3:16?

We know Jesus through the words he has spoken and that the apostles recorded for us. How can you give your attention to the Bible everyday? What is your plan for daily Bible reading?

Looking at verse 17, what is Jesus’ goal for the Bible and why should you read it?

We read our Bibles for joy and we know that following Jesus’ word will be hatred from the world (v14). What hope do we have against this difficulty? See verse 15

How can you pray for one another?

Sing My Hope is Built on Nothing Less

Wednesday of Passion Week

Wednesday Morning- the Resurrection

Sing Turn Your Eyes

Read Matthew 22:23-33

Since the Sadducees believe there is no resurrection from the dead, what was the motivation in asking the question?

According to verse 29, a person must know two things in order to have sound doctrine or get Scripture right. What are those two things?

What bad things might come if a person knows the Scriptures but not the power of God?

What bad things might come if a person knows the power of God but not the Scripture?

How can you grow in your knowledge of the Scriptures and the power of God this week?

What evidence does Jesus give for the resurrection in verse 32?

How is God being the Lord of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob evidence for the resurrection?

Sing We Will Rise


Wednesday Evening- the Great Commandment

Sing Yet Not I But Christ In Me

Read Matthew 22:34-46

What is the most important thing for you to do everyday?

Does God love us because we love God? Or, do we love God because he first loved us?

What evidence do we have that God loves us (see Romans 5:8-9)?

What evidence do we give that we love God (see 1 John 4:19-21)?

When do you feel the closest to God and loved by him?

When do you think your family feels like you them?

What do you think about the Christ? Who is he and how does he shape your life?

Sing My Jesus I Love Thee

Family Worship Guide for Holy Week

I put this family worship guide together for my family and hope it brings some encouragement to you. The guide provides two opportunities to come together each day from Palm Sunday to Resurrection Sunday. Links to songs, Scripture readings, and discussion questions are provided.

Holy Week Family Devotions

Tuesday of Passion Week

Tuesday morning- the Parable of the Tenants

Read Matthew 21:33-44

It is important to understand that Jesus was talking about the Jewish people when he talked about a vineyard.

Did the tenants own the vineyard or did it belong to someone else?

Do you view your life and your stuff as belonging to you, like you own it. Or, do you view your life and your stuff as belonging to God, like he owns it? How do you need to change on this point?

What did the vineyard owner expect from the tenants?

Looking back at the Old Testament, who were the servants that the vineyard owner sent?

Who is the vineyard owner’s son? Jesus knows what is about to be done to him. What will the chief priests eventually do?

Looking at verse 42, what is marvelous about Jesus the cornerstone?

Looking at verse 44, what is scary about Jesus the cornerstone?

Looking at your life and your faith, is Jesus a precious cornerstone you are building upon or is Jesus a threatening judge who you have rejected? How do you know?

What do you need to do about this?

Sing Cornerstone

Tuesday Evening- the Parable of the Wedding Feast

Sing the Gospel Song

Read Matthew 22:1-14

What is Jesus teaching us through this parable? What is the main point?

Have you begun to pay attention to your own business instead of paying attention to Jesus? What does repentance and faith look like for you?

What will the king do to those people who do not pay attention to his son and come to the wedding feast?

Is it enough to simply show up to the wedding feast? Or, does a person have to wear the wedding garments?

Read Isaiah 61:10

Explain how trusting in Christ for righteousness is like putting on the wedding garments.

Repentance to God and faith in Jesus Christ are becoming our regular theme. Ask someone in your family to share his/her testimony. Be sure the gospel and faith are clear.

Sing In Christ Alone

Monday of Passion Week

Monday Morning- Cursing the fig tree

Read Matthew 21:18-22

Yesterday, when Jesus entered the temple, did he find “godly fruit”? Were the people doing what they were supposed to be doing?

What is going to happen to the temple and the Jewish people if they don’t bear the fruit of faith in Jesus?

Read Luke 3:7-9

What does John the Baptist expect the life of faith to look like?

Give examples of the fruit of repentance in your life?

Read Luke 13:6-9 and Hebrews 12:1-2

What things are you currently doing or thinking that get in the way of you following Jesus?

What can you do to make your life more dependent upon Jesus? What positive things can you do to “fertilize your faith”?

Sing All I Have is Christ


Monday Night- Jesus is challenged

Sing the Gospel Song

Read Matthew 21:23-27

What had Jesus done in the temple that bothered the chief priests and elders so much?

Why did Jesus cleanse the temple? What were the people doing? What were they supposed to be doing?

The chief priests couldn’t answer Jesus’ question because they knew any answer would cost them dearly. What were the chief priests now willing to give up? (their traditions and their authority)

Excuses are a normal response to the call to follow Jesus. Read Luke 14:15-24

What excuses are you tempted to use to get out of following Jesus?

Read Matthew 21:28-32

What is more important, the promise to do something or actually doing it?

Repentance starts with changing your mind about Jesus. How is Jesus challenging the chief priests with this parable of the two sons?

What does repentance look like in your life?

Sing Come Thou Fount

Sunday of Passion Week

Sunday Morning- Triumphal Entry

Read Psalm 118:19-26

Sing This Is the Day

Read Matthew 21:1-11

Sing Rejoice the Lord is King

If you were there in Jerusalem, what would you have said to Jesus as he rode by?

The people laid down their cloaks on the road. Why did they do this for Jesus?

What can you do to show Jesus honor? Read Matthew 10:40-42

What is something you don’t normally do, that you would like to do this week to show Jesus honor?

What is important about Jesus being the son of David?


Sunday Evening- In Jerusalem

Cleansing the temple

Read Matthew 21:12-17

Under the new covenant, the brick and stone temple is no longer the focus of worship. Now, the individual Christian is referred to as the temple (1 Corinthians 6:1-20) and the church is referred to as the temple (1 Peter 2:4-5).

What was the significance of the brick and stone temple? What made it holy?

How does a person become the temple of the Holy Spirit?

How does a church become the temple?

Looking back over last year, how have you grown as a person of prayer?

Looking forward to the coming year, in what practical ways do you want to grow as a person of prayer?

How can you encourage your church to be a house of prayer?

What this passage proves to us is that we need the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God made the brick and stone temple holy. The Spirit of God makes an individual Christian the temple. When these people gather together, gifted by the Spirit and led by the Spirit, they are the temple. The Holy Spirit is God and brings us the presence of God so that we can live lives of joyful holiness. Thank God for His Holy Spirit.

Sing Holy Spirit, Living Breath of God

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