Study/Discuss Proverbs 9

  1. Looking at verses 10-11 and 18, what is the difference between wisdom and folly?
  2. Looking at verses 4 and 6, what is similar about wisdom and folly?
  3. In what ways are you tempted by foolish thinking or foolish things?
  4. Looking at verses 2 and 5, why is gaining wisdom like eating a good meal?
  5. Looking at verses 7-9, what is the difference between a wise person and a scoffer?
  6. How do you usually respond to correction?
  7. Looking at verse 10, what is the fear of the Lord?
  8. Looking at verse 10, why is knowledge of God insight? How does knowing God help you understand yourself and the world?


  1. What can we praise God for in this passage? What does God reveal about himself in these verses?
  2. What can we thank God for in this passage? What has God done for us?
  3. What sin does this passage call you to confess?
  4. Who needs these truths you have seen? Pray for someone else.

Care Group / Midweek Bible Study


Care Group is our Wednesday Bible study that meets from 6:45-7:45 pm at a members’ house. Care Group meets every other week (9/18, 10/3, 10/17, 10/31, etc.). The time together is spent on a simple meal, praying for one another, reviewing the sermon text from the previous Sunday, then seeking to help one another apply that text to life. It is helpful to look or listen to the sermon and discussion question posted on this blog before attending Care Group.

Comment below if you need more information.